Shanghai Qili Photoelectricity Co., Ltd is a shining light in the LED industry, and has become a major player in replacing high energy lights with more energy efficient LED lights and LED tubes. Our plant is equipped with top of the line technology and ISO9001 standard quality control equipment. Customers come to us from all over the world, and our extensive product catalogue caters to all their needs for LED lights, including LED tube lights, LED panel lights, LED corn lights and so many more. When it comes time to choose lights for your application needs, choose Qili, and our energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights and let us illuminate your world.

Main Products
  • Service
  • 1.OEM and ODM requests are welcome.
    With a great base of suppliers to supply LED light sources, LED drivers, PC, aluminum accessories, and a team of experienced designers, we are able and willing to supply our customers with customized products.

    2. Prompt Response: 12 hours
    Our sales team will respond to any inquiry within 12 hours.

    3. Samples can be sent for customer reference
    Once customers are interested in any of our LED lighting products, we will arrange for sample to be sent to them as soon as possible.

    4. Reliable Product Quality and Partnership
    All relevant certificates will be provided once they have been awarded. Our LED tubes are certified to UL, TUV-CE and RoHS standards.